Who is Rey?

Many have asked for my speculation on who Rey is and theories on her family lineage. I spent a whole 10 minutes contemplating the possibility that she is Luke’s illegitimate child, Ben’s, somehow, grandchild(parents unknown) or a natural phenomenon in the force recreating balance.

Here is my actual theory.

Guys, I just don’t care who she is or where she came from right now. I’m just excited for the dramatic reveal in the movie. One day, all you nerds will get the truth and then you can finally sleep at night. So everyone stop asking me who she is, cause I don’t care and neither should you.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Overall Score: 110%

There is much to be said about this movie, but I will refrain considering there is still a large amount of people who still need to see it. First off, they struck a heavy nostalgic chord through the characters which made me feel like its been over 20 years since I said good-bye to certain ships and characters and was reunited with them at last. Episode VI embodied emotions and character development not yet seen in this series; it was perfect. This movie needed to be good. But it was far from good, it was powerful, real, and I want to see it 200 more times. I have not loved a movie this much since The Fellowship of the Ring. Movies are meant to entertain, duh, but when a movie does so much more it makes it go from entertaining to life culture, and this was a perfect extension of Return of the Jedi. JJ Abrams is a true artists who was able to create a world that I believed I was in, that I WANTED to be in. Nonetheless, I recommend this for all audiences young and old to watch this several times.


Parental advisory:

There are intense actions scenes that some children may be sensitive to. No strong language. No sensuality. The creatures do look a lot more realistic like in the earlier Episodes which could be disturbing to young children if they are sensitive.