Game of Thrones-Dragonstone

Overall score: 45%

Worst parts: Aaaahhhhhh so anti climatic. I waited longer than a YEAR for this! Also, what the hell was Ed Shereen doing in there?! So weird. And he was singing, jut weird X2. I just didn’t get what I needed. Daenerys went home. Who cares. Sam finally became not the most useless person in the world. Who cares. Cersi still sucks. Who cares. John Snow is still the raspy voiced sensible guy. Who cares. Gimme more!!!!!!!

Best parts: **SPOILER**

Arya killing every single Frey there ever was. Heeeeellll yes.

Parental advisory: not for kids under 21


The Jungle Book


Overall Score: 100%

Good things: Holy crap. This is by far the best live action adaptation I have ever seen in my entire 28 years of living. I cannot recall one moment where I was not in awe. The animals were incredibly realistic, the whole movie was appropriately simple and dark, and I will see this again.
Not so good things: My one and only criticism is they called fire, the “red flower.” Now if anyone of you watch Game of Thrones, you know that’s what they call a girl getting her period. The entire animal kingdom was afraid of the red flower…well me too my furry friends, me too…