Who is Rey?

Many have asked for my speculation on who Rey is and theories on her family lineage. I spent a whole 10 minutes contemplating the possibility that she is Luke’s illegitimate child, Ben’s, somehow, grandchild(parents unknown) or a natural phenomenon in the force recreating balance.

Here is my actual theory.

Guys, I just don’t care who she is or where she came from right now. I’m just excited for the dramatic reveal in the movie. One day, all you nerds will get the truth and then you can finally sleep at night. So everyone stop asking me who she is, cause I don’t care and neither should you.


Stupid Andreas

4plzxx8atwblc16dsfyvclfpipia3suvdxdkqbtlihdko261w6xstgke3kvzllsmThis GIF was the only cool part. Now you don’t need to go see the movie

Overall Score: 15%

Best part of the movie: All the bouncing boobs. There were, running boobs, earthquake shaking boobs, swimming boobs. boating boobs, being rescues boobs….

Worst part of the movie: The whole Fu*&ing thing

Listen guys. I know I said I’ve never left a theater thinking what a complete waste of time, but I lied. (Note “about” link) This was one of those movies. I don’t really have anything else to say! I’m going to leave the critiques up to you guys.